27 May 2010 10:06

A 600 metres long 40 metres wide beach covered with fine golden sand. Probably the most visited beach in Cyprus with hundreds crowding it every day in the summer months. Popular both with the young and old the beach has numerous beach bars playing music which gets louder as the day goes by. The crystal clear waters, the little island 50 metres from the coast that you can walk to as the water is not more that two feet deep and a great spot for taking pictures are two of the beach’s best selling points. The watersports variety on Nissi beach is the widest you can find on the island. A 20 – 30 minute walk will get you to the centre of Ayia Napa and for the lazy there are plenty of taxis at the entrance of the beach. During the hot months of July and August sometimes algae form, giving the water a not so pleasant greenish look.