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    Calling all cars…
    16 November 2012 10:09
    By Martyn Henry

    Toyota Motor Corp is testing car safety systems that allow vehicles to communicate with each other and with the roads they are on…

    Car No 1: You really are letting yourself go aren’t you?
    Road: What you mean?
    Car No 1: Well,...
    Playing poker with Karl Marx
    16 November 2012 10:10
    By Charlie Charalambous

    Cyprus is fast becoming a half-way house for the politically deluded who have failed to take a look outside to see the growing number of families living on food parcels.
    This isn’t supposed to happen on the island of European prosperity...
    Am I missing something?
    16 November 2012 10:08
    Paphos Notebook
    By Lucie Robson
    Good news this week with the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) announcing that domestic tourism has risen by 31% over the last year.
    This doesn’t surprise me. Cyprus provides a myriad of experiences. The Troodos are like another world. Nicosia is...
    16 November 2012 10:06
    Limassol Notebook
    By Andrianne Philippou
    Cyprus at this time of year always astonishes me. It doesn’t matter that I’ve lived here for eight years, the seasonal change of weather and sharp temperature fall still gets me every time. Foolish as it sounds, the spectacular lightning and...
    From tiny acorns
    16 November 2012 10:05
    Larnaca Notebook
    By Bev Orton-Jennings

    For a good many years, I lived in the Torbay area of UK.
    The region’s advertising bods modestly describe it as “The English Riviera”.
    All in all, it’s a rather nice part of Blighty. And, I have to admit, somewhat outshines...
    Ty govoris po-russki?
    09 November 2012 09:35
    Soap by Charlie Charalambous

    I thought the European Union was designed to be a membership of countries who helped each other out for the common good. Wrong.
    The EU is a win-win situation for all its members where everyone mutually benefits by sticking together to reap the...
    Taking the tablet
    09 November 2012 09:33
    By Martyn Henry
    I have become addicted to a tablet.
    Before we go any further, I do not mean that I have started popping pills as an escape from the reality of life; I man one of those shiny white things that are rapidly taking the place of laptops.
    Ah, how I used to gaze with...
    Ayia Napa
    09 November 2012 09:31
    Larnaca Notes by Bev Orton Jennings

    This week saw the tragic death of a young soldier in what seems to have been a brawl in a club in Ayia Napa. I’ll resist commenting further on the specifics of the matter until the facts are all out. Suffice it to say that my heart goes out to the...
    The famous pipeline
    09 November 2012 09:28
    Paphos Notes by Lucie Robson
    Three years ago I was contacted by a couple of parents who were desperate about the state of their child’s private education.
    The small private establishment, which disappeared without a trace a long time ago, and which their child attended, kept opening...
    Let justice prevail
    09 November 2012 09:27
    LImassol Notes by Andrianne Philippou
    This has been a strangely reassuring week. Admittedly nothing much has changed; the gloomy Cyprus economy and rising jobless totals are causing further distress island-wide. Persistent attempts by irresponsible, cowardly politicians to derail the Troika...
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