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    The future’s so bright, Larnaca’s gotta wear shades
    27 January 2012 10:24
     Larnaca Notes By Bev Orton-Jennings
    The current financial situation has impacted a number of planned developments in Larnaca town, but several are still going ahead. One of these is the renovation of Piale Pasha, the stretch of seafront between the Fort and the fishing harbour (perhaps...
    The whole dam picture
    27 January 2012 10:23
     Paphos Notes By Lucie Robson
    News is a funny thing. If you look at a story in isolation it often doesn't make sense as it why it is newsworthy.
    For example, I have been keeping my eye on Asprokremnos Dam over the last week as the Water Development Department has been indicating...
    Enough is enough…
    27 January 2012 10:20
    Limassol Notes by Andrienne Phliippou
     I’ve had enough now. I want my sunshine back. This cold spell is wearing thin. It was quite refreshing for a while; in fact the torrential downpours were very welcome, initially. If nothing else, they seemed to settle the choking dust tornados the...
    Friendship never dies
    20 January 2012 08:57
     By Charlie Charalambous
    When the phone rings at ten minutes past midnight you instinctively brace yourself for bad news.
    And bad news it was. I was told that my best friend – we grew up together from boys to men so to speak – died of a massive heart attack in London at the age...
    Clean up your act
    20 January 2012 08:55
    Paphos Notes by Lucie Robson
     I have regrettably had to knock sea swimming on the head this month not because of the temperature which is pretty invigorating once you get used to it, but because it is too rough.
    Still, I go down most afternoons and have a stroll by the sea to get...
    A car-free vision
    20 January 2012 08:53
     We have been a car-free family for some days as our elderly vehicle decided to throw a wobbler and had to be towed to the garage for emergency surgery. It didn’t help that the day after we got it back it decided it was still too tired and came to a sulky stop in the middle of Athalassa Avenue...
    Never gonna stop the rain by complainin'…
    20 January 2012 08:51
    Larnaca notes by Bev Orton-Jennings 
    A Fats Domino song from long ago keeps popping into my head, “It keeps raining and raining”. I’ve actually lost track of the days that we have had rain, but it must run into weeks now.
    I know I shouldn’t complain – the water is as welcome as...
    Bag of rice anyone?
    20 January 2012 08:49
    Limassol notes by Andrienne Philippou
     I’d like to see a serious overhaul of standard customer service practice across the island for all sectors, shops, business processes, organisations, offices, government departments, medical clinics, in fact absolutely all industries and commercial...
    A friend for life
    13 January 2012 10:19
     When he first came into our lives he was a bedraggled little tabby who emerged from the rubbish in a builder’s skip to greet my wife every morning as she walked the dog,
    We already had a cat and the aforementioned dog and were determined not to add another animal to the mix, so it was...
    Bring in the army
    13 January 2012 10:16
     Congratulations to the government and the Paphos Tourism Board for securing, after years of negotiation, its agreement with budget Irish carrier Ryanair which will see a raft of new flights commencing in Paphos in April.
    If all goes to plan, Paphos International Airport will welcome 80...
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