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    A word to the wise
    23 December 2011 09:01
     An Australian Santa has been banned from saying ‘Ho. Ho. Ho’ because little Oz sprogs might think he is referring to African American (oops, almost wrote ‘black’ there for a moment) ladies of the night. Sorry, sex industry workers.
    Not a joke from a cracker, it’s actually true and I am...
    Time travel is the perfect gift
    23 December 2011 08:59
    By Charlie Charalambous
    Bearing in mind what has come to pass this year there doesn’t seem to be much point in looking forward to what 2012 has to offer. Cyprus will be in recession; the government will try and blow something else up while Chelsea are unlikely to win the Premier League or be...
    23 December 2011 08:55
     Dear oh dear… it’s definitely the bah humbug spirit in Larnaca this Christmas. What happened to a bit of feeling jolly for the holiday season?
    Shopkeepers stare out from their shops, looks of abject melancholy on their faces. Sales are down... I get it… but trust me, there’s nothing...
    Ugly, taboo faces
    23 December 2011 08:53
     If local message boards and online comments and general chit chat are anything to go by, the person who murdered pregnant Julia Oborok and her three-year old daughter in Paphos last week has been arrested and is sitting in Paphos Police Station.
    But I'd like to point out that, as of...
    Who’s leading who?
    23 December 2011 08:51
    Politicians are a funny bunch. I remember many years ago being chosen to stand in my school’s ‘mock’ elections, as the Labour candidate. I should put this into context and tell you this was London and I was in the sixth form of my high school at the time, with Maggie Thatcher about to take her...
    'Tis the season to be… thievin’
    16 December 2011 09:46
    By Bev Orton-Jennings
    Ah… Christmas… the season of goodwill to all men… Yeah, right.
    Trawling around the Larnaca animal charity shops to see if anyone had any news about my beautiful lost retriever (sadly no word yet… I’m starting to suspect that someone has picked him up with no...
    To have and have not
    16 December 2011 09:45
    By Charlie Charalambous
    It was always going to end in tears of indignation and retribution.
    Attacking the privileged arrogance of civil servants was never going to be a surgical strike against self-interest without collateral damage.
    Nevertheless one has to admire the shear...
    Manners maketh…angry
    16 December 2011 09:43
    By Martyn Henry

    So what do you think of young people’s manners these days?
    Well, I think they are a darn sight better, on the whole, that those of the older generation who so often shake their heads and tut about the rising generation.
    After a short break in London, I...
    Dancing in the city
    16 December 2011 09:41
    By Andrianne Philippou
    Along with several hundred other guests, I found myself enraptured by the Edgar Degas exhibition when it opened on Saturday night at the Evagoras Lanitis Centre in Limassol. Although clearly not as enraptured as the little girl who stood alongside Degas’ seminal piece...
    Irresponsible and selfish
    16 December 2011 09:40
    It has long been said that attack is one of the best forms of defence. This is clearly a saying civil servants have taken literally. For how else to explain their decision to close down the country for a day and half, and, pardon the expression, damn the consequences?
    Then to decide to urge...
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