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    Question time
    16 December 2011 09:38
    By Lucie Robson
    If someone has something important to say and they can't say it in a maximum of one pithy minute, in my view, there is something wrong.
    I will be generous and, for politicians both incumbents and aspiring, will extend this time frame to eight minutes.
    In fact, I...
    Now or never
    02 December 2011 10:55
     All eyes are on the Presidential Palace and the make or break meeting President Christofias has called for today to forge cross party consensus on an economic rescue package that may, possibly, avert Cyprus coming under EU fiscal monitoring.
    The omens are not good. The local economic...
    Every vote counts
    02 December 2011 10:21
     I remember covering the local elections five years ago. Most of the focus, as far as news for ex-pats was concerned, was on Peyia as the majority of the activity was taking place there with the emergence of The Coalition of Independents. They turned out to get a seat on the council.
    What Limassol means to me
    02 December 2011 10:18
    By Andrianne Philippou

    In a word, freedom.
    I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently, probably because my oldest son has now returned to the UK, and my second, younger son is itching to grow up quickly so he can follow suit. And what struck me is how much my life here has...
    Apathy reigns
    02 December 2011 10:15
    By Bev Orton Jennings
    Well, after attending yet another poorly supported event, I’ve come to the conclusion that apathy actually does reign in Larnaca. I have been to no end of exhibitions, music and theatre productions over the years and attendances have never improved.
    When asked by...
    The days of my youth
    02 December 2011 10:21
     Every now and then a glossy magazine lands on my desk that transports me back to my days at school.
    I was privileged/unlucky enough to have been a boarder at a British private school, Hereford Cathedral School, to be precise (and if there are any Old Herefordians out there, hello to...
    Truth or dare
    25 November 2011 10:31
    By Charlie Charalambous
    Like Chelsea this has been a torrid November for a government which most probably has fewer friends than under-fire blues boss Andres Villas-Boas. A combination of bad luck, lack of concentration and defensive frailty has conspired to inflict an unprecedented Chelsea...
    It never rains… it pours
    25 November 2011 10:29
    My dad, who was admitted to Larnaca General Hospital over a month ago whilst on holiday from the UK, finally departed Cyprus last week. Fortunately he took holiday insurance, so his first class trip back to the UK, accompanied by a Doctor escort flown out from the UK, cost him and us nothing.
    Embarrassed, moi?
    25 November 2011 10:28
    You know when you really wish you’d kept your mouth shut? Walked away calmly and not given in to that rant after all? Well, I’d love to say that has never happened to me… (but of course we all know that’s not quite true. After all I’ve ranted in this column more than once or twice over the months...
    Grumpy old men
    25 November 2011 10:26
    I don’t know if you are familiar with the classic BBC TV comedy One Foot In The Grave, but if you are you may understand my dismay when I watched a couple of episodes and found myself actually sympathising with the misanthrope Victor Meldrew, played brilliantly by Richard Wilson.
    You can get...
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