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    This is a joke…
    10 February 2012 09:20
    By Andrianne Philippou
     But I’m not laughing. I love Cyprus. I love Limassol. I chose to move my boys and myself here in 2004 to begin a new life. To be near my family, to reconnect with my heritage and to share my culture, its warm hospitality, spirit and sunshine with my children,...
    Best foot forward
    10 February 2012 09:17
    By Bev Orton Jennings
    In our fast paced lives, it’s not always easy to take time out to relax. As we’ve enjoyed a few of our yearly ‘halcyon’ days, I grabbed the opportunity of a nice day to take a walk to my village shop (and at least save money on petrol, which seems to be going up by the...
    Hospitals deal
    07 February 2012 12:54
     NICOSIA - The pediatric clinic of the Archbishop Makarios III Hospital in Nicosia and King's College Hospital in London have signed a memorandum of cooperation in the sectors of liver and gastrointestinal diseases.

    Cypriot Minister of Health Stavros Malas, who was present at...
    Getting Larnaca mobile
    03 February 2012 10:57
     By Bev Orton-Jennings
    Given all the hard work that went into the project, I’m not surprised that Larnaca is one of three finalists for a European Mobility Week (EMW) award. But considering that 2,268 European towns and cities took part, it’s an achievement that the entire town should...
    Laughing all the way to the polls
    03 February 2012 10:54
     By Charlie Charalambous
    At a more impressionable age I use to think politics was important, world-changing stuff. I studied politics at university while always eager to support rebel causes in Nicaragua and El Salvador. I made it my business to be a student of world affairs not averse...
    Déjà Vu-rooooom
    03 February 2012 10:53
    By Lucie Robson
    If you ever have the feeling when reading Paphos Notes that you have read it before you can be forgiven because I sometimes have the uncanny feeling that I have written it before.
    I get this feeling whenever I write about anything rubbish, animal or road...
    Actions speak louder than words…
    03 February 2012 10:51
    By Adrienne Philippou
     I’ve had the privilege of spending a fair amount of time at the Theotokos Foundation recently.
    For those who don’t know what this outstanding organisation does, it provides an invaluable source of medical care, pre and neo natal screening programmes,...
    A money-raising idea
    03 February 2012 10:52
    By MartynHenry
    If you are an employee then you may well have seen you salary docked this month as part of the general effort to drag this country back into the black.
    I have no objection to this. We are all in it together and we must all play our part if we ever want things to get...
    An offer Count Dracula can’t refuse
    27 January 2012 10:36
    Soapbox  By Charlie Charalambous
    Under no circumstances must we allow President Christofias to get trapped in a lift at an international conference because it would prove disastrous for the Cyprus problem. How the Cyprus issue could become worse after 37 years of occupation and division...
    Service with a smile
    27 January 2012 10:33
    By Martyn Henry
    I don’t know about you, but the prospect of dealing with a government department gives me nightmares.
    I just know that I will open the door into some stifling overheated cavern and see stretching before me a queue that ends in another time zone.
    I will have to...
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