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    12 April 2012 19:46
    By Lucie Robson
    I don’t go in for extreme sports so don’t enjoy, for example, being dunked underwater to the bottom of a swimming pool by a dead weight without so much of a warning to at least take a deep breath that will see me through submersion and emersion safely.
    This hasn’t...
    06 April 2012 11:33
    Suddenly it went dark, CyBC went off the air, hospitals ran out of patients and the economy fell down a bottomless pit.
    Can it get any better than this? Yes it can.
    Milk and medicines are astronomically priced in a country where the consumer has ‘sucker’ tattooed across its...
    06 April 2012 11:14
    I am going to tell you a surreal tale about a man named Joe and some dogs.
    Joe is involved in helping to feed hundreds of dogs. In order to make their cans of dog food go further and provide extra nutrition, it is mixed with pasta.
    It happens that the dogs’ preferred choice of pasta...
    06 April 2012 11:13
    Along with many Larnacans, I’m sure, I read with interest the recent announcement that the old Larnaca airport is to be turned into a showcase for Chinese companies.
    Personally, as long as our government crosses all the t’s and dots all the i’s in terms of developing a well-conceived,...
    06 April 2012 11:12
    It was a beautifully sunny Monday, my son was fighting fit again, thankfully, after three long days of a nasty tummy bug the previous week, and we set off for school for the first time in what seemed ages; we arrived on time (the new main road at Zakaki heading west of Limassol is a godsend and so...
    30 March 2012 12:41
     By Charlie Charalambous
    When attention wasn’t focused on the big Champions League game there was a huge overreaction – this is Cyprus – to an unconfirmed Turkish report that Varosha was going to open its doors to the general public.
    There was a steady flow of politicians...
    Stick to your guns
    23 March 2012 09:49
     By Lucie Robson
    I have just returned from a few days in Thessaloniki where I visited two of my favourite people on earth, good friends who hail from South Africa.
    This northern Greek city is full of Byzantine history which happens to be one of the most fascinating eras for me so...
    Paranoia rules
    23 March 2012 09:51
     Paranoia certainly seems to rule these days.
    A series of phone calls to house and mobile recently from a number that they did not recognize set some alarm bells ringing for some friends of ours.
    A trawl of the internet told them that this number was in Athens, Greece, as our US...
    Follow the leader
    23 March 2012 09:45
     By Charlie Charalambous
    Okay which world leader has been sweet-talking President Christofias to run again so he can solve the Cyprus problem and drag Europe from economic meltdown? It can’t be the communists because he’s the only one left in the bloc still pretending to fly the Red...
    Red mist over red tape
    23 March 2012 09:44
    By Bev Orton Jennings
    Given the current dire financial situation, you’d think the powers-that-be would be looking at ways to make things just a little easier for local businesses.
    However, that would fly in the face of Cypriot officialdom’s love for red tape and procedures that...
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