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    Feeling the love…
    23 March 2012 09:41
     By Andrianne Philipou
    Those who read my column regularly will know football is not really my thing. So rarely will you find me down at the pub supporting a match (although occasionally my timing has been off and resistance futile – at moments like these though, I usually end up doing...
    Nearly there..!
    16 March 2012 13:32
    By Bev Horton-Jennings
     It was disappointing to hear the news that Larnaca hadn’t won top prize in the European Mobility Week 2011 awards. That said, achieving the joint runner-up spot (with Zagreb) behind the winning city, Bologna, in a competition that attracted no fewer than 2,268...
    And I’m feeling good…
    16 March 2012 13:30
    By Andrianne Phillppou
     I’m feeling so proud of myself right now. Three months into 2012 and I’m still hard at it… my New Year’s resolution I mean. Can’t quite believe it either, but it’s true. I promised myself I’d start something special, something just for me, something I’ll do...
    And now the non-news
    16 March 2012 13:30
    By Lucie Robson
    On my desk is a piece of paper bearing nine phone numbers, seven for Nicosia and two for Paphos, all surrounded by scribbles of information I have acquired by painstakingly calling each, one after the other, and speaking in my wonky Greek to the people at the other end.
    Things that go bump in the night
    09 March 2012 09:50
    By Martyn Henry
    Have you noticed how those random noises that a house makes have taken on a far more sinister tone lately?
    Do you get a small frisson of fear when the cat suddenly sits up and stares fixedly at the back door, late at night?
    And the man walking towards you as...
    Glory boys prove mediocrity is a sin
    09 March 2012 09:47
    By Charlie Charalambous

    When the Champions League draw for the last 16 was made last year the people of Lyon were trying very hard not to behave as if they had won the Euro lottery. All they had to do was sweep aside a ‘tin-pot’ team from backwater Cyprus before basking in European...
    Road to nowhere
    09 March 2012 09:45
    By Bev Orton-Jennings
     Those who know me will be aware of my ongoing battle with electronic gadgets. It’s a long running saga. Either I can’t get the hang of operating them, or they just decide to expire. Diodes, transistors, printed circuits, and whatever else exist inside their...
    Buon giorno, Pontedera
    09 March 2012 09:33
    By Lucie Robson
    Pontedera is a small town in Tuscany located roughly between Pisa and Florence. According to Wikipedia, it has a population of 27,808. Industry, in the form of car manufacturing, is the cornerstone of its economic activity. Additionally, it has a chocolate factory.
    In praise of mums…especially mine!
    09 March 2012 09:31
    By Adrianne Philippou
    By the time you open your Cyprus Weekly this week, International Women’s Day will be over for another year…but that’s ok, I’m still going to take this opportunity to share my appreciation, love and admiration for the most special woman in my life…my mum.
    Catch this monster
    05 March 2012 12:01
     I have been in the newspaper business for more years than I care to remember and have been involved in the reporting of a number of shocking, terrible and heart breaking stories.
    But no matter how hard boiled I may think I have become I constantly find myself shaking my head and often...
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