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    On the good ship lollipop
    13 January 2012 10:13
     By Charlie Charalambous
    A new year but same old government doing its darnedest to be less effective than a North Korean free speech contest.
    There was panic in the air when a Russian-owned ship packed with bullets for Syrian democracy was blown into Limassol on choppy seas....
    Please keep your bodily fluids to yourself…
    13 January 2012 10:10
     Warning, this column is not pleasant.
    Bodily fluids. I know they are a necessary perfunctory part of all our lives. Nobody is exempt from the imbibing, absorbing, secreting, flushing or sweating out of our body’s libations, however well bred, moneyed, intentioned. But really, there...
    Be prepared
    13 January 2012 10:05
     Have you even seen an animal die from poisoning? I hope you never have and never do… because… believe me, it is heart wrenching. Our first cat died in a residential Larnaca neighbourhood many years ago because of this barabaric practice and, twenty plus years later, the horror of it remains...
    So here’s 2012…
    09 January 2012 09:09
    By Bev Orton-Jennings
    Well, it’s finally here. We’re just about a week into 2012… and how many of you have broken your New Year’s resolutions already, I wonder?
    I’m doing OK actually. I’ve been incredibly nice over the last few days. Mind you, I haven’t actually been out very much, so...
    The Big Society
    09 January 2012 09:07
    By Andrienne Phillipou

     I kicked off Monday morning and the new year this week by listening to the BBC early morning news on Radio 4. Up for discussion were two of the UK’s key events planned for 2012, Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations in June and of course, the...
    09 January 2012 09:05
    By Lucie Robson
    We learned this week that state coffers were boosted by €19m courtesy of a segment of corporate tax, the new annual €350 levy on registered companies aimed at
    helping to put the economy to rights.
    So far one fifth of the 250,000 companies on the register have...
    A lot of natural gas
    29 December 2011 16:36
     By Martyn Henry
    So what are you going to do with your gas money?
    President Christofias was very upbeat in his message on Wednesday about the natural gas that is lurking miles beneath the Mediterranean Sea, seeing it as a force for peace in the region.
    My experience is...
    Ideas wanted
    29 December 2011 16:37
     By Lucie Robson
    I had the most memorable Christmas. I decided to mark the day by attending the services of three different denominations.
    The reason I did this was for the music. I am not religious but admire and appreciate sacred art and thought what better way to enjoy the day...
    2012: The year of nice
    29 December 2011 16:36
    By Bev Orton-Jennings
    After what has been a traumatic year, and with my UK-based Dad’s health up and down, I’ve had to update my travel documents of late.
    Informed that you can now travel within the EU on a Cyprus ID card, provided it’s up to date, I figured it would be an idea to...
    Trash TV? It’s already here
    29 December 2011 16:31
     By Adrienne Phillipou
    During the late ‘80’s and ‘90’s, I had the privilege of working at BBC TV centre in London as an entertainment producer and researcher. It was a great time to be involved in broadcast media, with diversity, creativity and innovation at the forefront of the...
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