21 December 2011 15:47


French Institute of Cyprus, Nicosia, 4.30-6pm. ‘Atelier de Noël’ for children aged 6-10. In French. €15 per session. Final session. Places are limited. for more information.
Theatro Ena, 4, Athinas Ave., Nicosia, 8.30pm. Satrico Theatro’s Greek-language production of Paul Rudnick’s ‘I Hate Hamlet.’ At this venue tonight and on December 28-30. .

Saturday (Christmas Eve)

Diachroniki Music Stage, 2, Yianni Koromia St., Kaimakli, Nicosia, doors open at 10pm. One of Europe’s best blues band ‘Blues Wire’ performs. For ticket prices and other information .


Avlea Music Stage, 2, Emmanouil Roidi St., Nicosia, 9pm. Enduringly popular Greek rock singer Vasilis Papakonstantinou, collaborating with the band Kitrina Podilata, and will be in Cyprus for two performances at Avlea in Nicosia tonight and on January 5. Papakonstantinou and Kitrina Podilata will also be sharing the stage with the singer Tania Kikidi. Tickets are priced at €35 (Table reservation,) €25 Bar/standing (presale) or €30 at the entrance. for reservations.
Blinkers Club, 5, Andreas Avramnmides St., Engomi, Nicosia, 11pm. Greek singers Eleni Foureira and Kostas Martakis will perform live in an extreme Christmas party organised by Sfera Radio and Extreme Family. Nicos Varvaresos of Sfera 96.8FM will be guest DJ. €20 entrance with one drink. .


Antonakis Music Hall, 17, Vasiliou Voulgaroktonou St., Nicosia, 9.30pm. Makam Ethnic Music Ensemble performs great music from Middle East, Greece, Turkey and the Balkans. The Ensemble is a six-piece band that has thrilled fans of eastern music in Cyprus since forming two years ago. €10 entrance. . The Ensemble will also be performing in Limassol tomorrow.
Pavilion, Nicosia, 11pm. Acclaimed Greek singers Demetris Mitropanos and Demetris Basis perform. Tickets priced between €40-100 depending on seating. All prices include a bottle of Scotch whisky or vodka for every four people. for more information or reservations.
Blue Bar, Classic Hotel, Nicosia, 9.30pm. Jazz singer Sarah Fenwick and pianist Marios Toumbas perform the great jazz classics with saxophonist Iacovos Parpas and contrabassist Irinaeos Koullouras. for reservations.
Theatro Ena, 4, Athinas Ave., Nicosia, 8.30pm. Satrico Theatro’s Greek-language production of Paul Rudnick’s ‘I Hate Hamlet.’ At this venue on December 28-30. .


Theatro Ena, 4, Athinas Ave., Nicosia, 8.30pm. Satrico Theatro’s Greek-language production of Paul Rudnick’s ‘I Hate Hamlet.’ At this venue on December 28-30. .


Apocalypse Gallery, 30, Chytron St., Tofarco Building. Gallery’s Christmas exhibition featuring a range of works by accomplished artists. Visit www.apocalypse-gallery.com.cy or . Until January 14, 2012.
Argo Gallery, 64E, D. Akritas Ave. ‘Trans Scapes’ by Maria Loizidou. Visit www.argogallery.org or . On until January 14, 2012.
Diachroniki Gallery, 84, Arsinoes St. Older and contemporary works in a group exhibition. Visit www.diachroniki.com or . Until December 30.
Gloria Gallery, 3, Zinonos Sozou St. Paintings and sculptures by Andreas Efesopoulos. Visit www.gloriagallery.com or . Until January 3, 2012.
IsNotGallery, 11, Odyesseu St. Works by Charitini Kyriakou entitled ‘Prosopika kai Prosopa.’ Visit www.isnotgallery.com or . Until January 7, 2012.
Marfin Laiki Bank Cultural Centre, 32, Byron Ave. ‘…Art Is - the art of Cyprus through the ages’ made up of selections from the Marfin Laiki Bank Collections. /5 for more information. Until mid-June, 2012.
Omikron Gallery, 2, Vasileos Pavlou St. ‘Drawing Room’ group exhibition. Visit www.omikrongallery.com or . On until January 14, 2012.
Opus 39 Gallery, 21, Kimonos St., Strovolos. Fashion illustrations by Elena Zeniou entitled ‘Don’t walk in my mind with your dirty feet.’ . Until January 5, 2012.
Byzantine Museum, next to the Archbishopric. ‘Ap’ta kokkala vgalmeni…190 years since the 1821 revolution. Cyprus’ participation’ featuring paintings, other artefacts and objects from the revolution era. Until January 30, 2012.
Leventis Museum, 15-17, Hippocrates St., Laiki Yitonia. Display of a duplicate of The Antikythera mechanism, an ancient mechanical “computer” designed to calculate astronomical positions. It was recovered in 1900–1901 from the Antikythera wreck but its significance and complexity were not understood until decades later. Visit www.leventismuseum.org.cy or . Until February 12, 2012.
Also, the Museum is displaying ‘The Gifts of the Friends’ featuring purchases and donations yet to be put on permanent display, as part of its ‘City-Friends’ and ‘The Pandora’s Box’ exhibits. Until January 29, 2012.
Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, 86-90, Phaneromenis St. Numismatic exhibition entitled ‘Our Daily Bread. How much does it cost...from Ancient to Modern Times.’ Open 10am-7pm until February 26, 2012.
Marfin Laiki Bank Cultural Centre, the corner of 39, Arch. Makarios III Ave and Bounoulinas St. Exhibition of photos included in the publication ‘Tempus Momentum: Details of Cyprus’ by acclaimed Cypriot photographer Andreas G. Coutas. Open Monday-Friday between 10am-1pm and 5-7pm on Saturdays from 10am-2pm. Priced at €60, the book is also available for purchase from the venue. . Until today, December 23
Phaneromeni Library, Old Nicosia, open Monday-Thursday from 7.30am-5pm and from 7.30am-2pm on Fridays. Exhibition of posters entitled ‘Poland for Europe’ and themed around the history and culture of Poland on the occasion of the country’s Presidency of the EU Council. On until December 31.
Gallery K, 14, Evrou St., Strovolos. A range of new art works created by sisters Marina Schiza, Nedi Sakellaropoulou and Phoebe Constantinou, known collectively as 3S Designs. Beautiful works in glass, clay and on the canvas amongst other mediums, creating pieces that are a joy to look and have a practical use in the home. Open 10am-1.30pm and 4-8pm on weekdays and 10am-1.30pm on Saturdays and also, on the weekend of December 11 and 12 only, from 10am-1.30pm and 4-8pm. /3. Until January 10, 2012.