15 June 2010 14:30

This 12 kilometres excursion is actually a bicycle tour of the Pafos (Paphos) area. It goes along the coastal front of Kato Pafos (Kato Paphos), past Geroskipou Tourist Beach, ending up at Timi Beach near Pafos Airport (Paphos Airport) and the nearby eucalyptus grove. The route starts off at Pafos Harbour (Paphos Harbour|), heading in a southeasterly direction. After the Pafos Beach Hotel, it continues along a bicycle path on the right hand side of the road, parallel to the coast, as far as Geroskipou Tourist Beach. From there it goes along a dirt road to the Pafos Airport perimetre and crosses the Ezousa riverbed (on foot). The route then follows the airport perimetre fence, heading first north and then east to join the paved road to the airport. At that point, the route turns right towards the sea. Continuing a little further down, it reaches the small bay and beach of Timi and the nearby eucalyptus grove with its picnic site.
Start Point:      Pafos port
End Point:      Timi coast
Total Distance:      12 kilometres
Difficulty Rate:      A mountain bike is required.
Road Conditions:      A variety of surfaces consisting of both paved and dirt roads.