04 July 2012 08:54

 BRUSSELS - Cypriot traditional dishes will be offered at the Council’s restaurant during the Cyprus EU Presidency.
It is customary in Brussels to include in the restaurant’s menu, traditional dishes from the country holding the EU Presidency.
This week, Cyprus’ European partners will have the opportunity to taste Cypriot dishes such as afelia, stifado, hallumi, sieftalies, hummus, tahini, spinach pie, stuffed vegetables, moussaka, chicken with oven potatoes, stuffed squid, as well as desserts such as ladies’ fingers, anarokrema and kourambiedes.
A restaurant’s chef told CNA that the Cypriot menu will be offered during the first week and then from time to time until the end of the Cyprus Presidency in December.
During the first three days, a team of Cypriot cooks arrived in Brussels from a well-known Cypriot restaurant in Paris to show the cooks in Brussels how to better prepare the Cypriot dishes.