26 July 2012 15:22

 NICOSIA - Government Spokesman Stephanos Stephanou has said that after the meeting with Troika representatives (European Commission, ECB and IMF) on Friday July 27, there will be a more complete picture of Troika’s positions.

Speaking after today’s meeting of the Cabinet, Stephanou also said that after the meeting with the representatives of Troika on Friday, there will also be a more complete picture of the situation, as it is evolved in the discussion and consultation between the government and the Troika.

“And it will be then the time that the government will be in position to brief, fully and with facts, the political parties”, on the developments with Troika, Stephanou pointed out.

He also said that the government will not conclude the discussion and consultation with Troika until Friday, neither will sign the Memorandum.

The Troika was here in early July on a fact finding mission for a close scrutiny of the banking sector, which has been severely hit by Greek sovereign debt haircut and over-exposure to the Greek economy, as well as the refinancing requirements of the government.