22 March 2012 19:05

Saturday March 31
Heroes’ Square will be overflowing with music from 3pm on Saturday, March 31.
According to the organisers of a ‘DIY Music’ festival: “In recent years, ‘DIY’ has gained a wider and more philosophical meaning. It has been adopted as a term to describe some types of music, media and arts, to express an alternative way that someone, by him/herself or collectively, can create and promote his art. ‘Do it yourself’ means that you don’t need the interference or mediation of experts and other bureaucratic procedures in through which the system tells us that it is necessary to pass through in order to be able to express yourself. It has been proven through the centuries that art can’t be trapped!”
The festival’s programme begins at 3pm with three hours of chill out music with ‘Mister Poygias’ and Michalakis at the deck and stalls with DIY craft and designs on sale for donations. Visitors will also be able to enjoy a juggling show and pick up the third issue of Mavri Penna ‘Black Pen’ magazine.
From 6pm, the bands Kommenes Chordes (Broken Chords), Adiorthoto Lathos (Unfixable Mistake), Black Mermaid, En Psychro (In Cold Blood) and Intibah will be performing. Entrance is free.