Abu Dhabi
07 July 2010 15:28

Less than 50 years ago, the emirate of Abu Dhabi was little more than an empty desert inhabited by nomadic Bedouin tribes. In the coastal areas, pearling, fishing and dhow trading were the main sources of income. Further inland, it was the nomadic breeding of camels, goats and sheep, as well...

07 July 2010 15:29

With approximately six hours sunshine per day and average winter temperatures of 20 Celsius, the winter season in Malta is even milder than it is in Cyprus. The island is recommended as a winter walking holiday destination with many travellers taking advantage of the pleasant weather to explore...

07 July 2010 15:34

Dubai is practically at the top of the list as a winter destination from Cyprus with this season preferred by most tourists to avoid the soaring desert temperatures of summer.


07 July 2010 15:34

Since the flight to Milan from Cyprus takes just over three hours, a trip to Milan is best enjoyed over a four day period if you want to fit in shopping and sight-seeing without feeling jet-lagged.

As the fashion capital of the world and the commercial centre of Italy,...

07 July 2010 15:35

The weather in Cairo is fairly hot and dry all year round with most tourists preferring to visit during the mild winter from November to April.

The most famous attractions are no doubt the ancient Giza pyramids, the only remaining wonder of the Seven Wonders of the...

07 July 2010 15:36

Beirut may not be everyone’s first choice for a holiday but if you forget about the city’s troubled political past for a moment, then it has many attractions to offer the visitor. As a Mediterranean city,...

07 July 2010 15:36

Rich in archaeological history, Amman and its surrounding area is packed with sights to see such as the Roman Theatre beneath the Citadel Hill, still used today for performances, Petra, the city carved out of rock, and one of the countries biggest attractions, the Dead...

07 July 2010 15:37

Buzzing with a vibrant night-life and packed with ancient monuments, Athens offers all the facilities of a modern cosmopolitan city.

Perhaps the only problem about visiting Athens in a weekend is that you may leave without managing to see all the sights, such as the...