08 December 2011 14:25

Marfin Laiki Sporting Club is the property of Marfin Laiki Bank and was erected in 1984 with the aim of providing recreational and sporting opportunities to employees of the Bank as well as to its customers. It is a beautiful sports facility, relaxing, refreshing and fun. It is staffed by experienced and qualified personnel who guarantee impeccable organisation of any event, employing ultramodern equipment to provide all the services it offered.

All employees of Marfin Laiki Bank are members of the Marfin Laiki Sporting Club. Customers of Marfin Laiki Bank may also become members by paying an annual fee.

New members
Marfin Laiki Sporting Club can accept new members upon completion of the relevant application by interested parties, provided that this application is approved. You will receive a response to your application within two working days from the date of submission. The membership application form may also be completed electronically.

P.O. Box 22032, 1598 Nicosia