12 April 2012 18:50

Wednesday, April 18
Dionysos Theatre will from Wednesday-Friday, April 18-20 be presenting the Greek-language comedy ‘Two and a half Murders and a Bulldog’ at Skala Theatre.
The play is by Eugene Labishe and the version to be performed was adapted by Michalis Reppas and Thanasis Papathanasiou. The Paris-set murder mystery is being directed by Achilles Grammatikopoulos - who also stars.
Performances begin at 8.30pm and 6.30pm on Sundays. Tickets are priced at €20.
Skala Theatre is situated at 15 Kyriakou Matsi St., Larnaca. .
Visit www.theatrodionysos.org or for more information on Dionysos Theatre.