04 April 2012 14:49

Until Saturday, April 7
Anglo Cypriot Theatre (ACT) will be presenting their 100th production, ‘Closer’ by Patrick Marber at Satirico Theatre’s Upper Stage in Nicosia from Wednesday-Saturday, April 4-7. The performances- in English- will begin at 8pm.
This production comes in ACT’s 30th year, and promises to be one of the most hard-hitting and controversial plays this established and well-respected theatre group has ever staged.
Directed by John Williamson, ‘Closer’ is a masterfully-constructed observation on love, seduction, betrayal and disappointment. The cast is made up of Alexia Paraskeva, Jill McDonald, David Dimitriou and Paul Stewart.
Tickets are priced at €15. for ticket and other information.
Satirico Theatre is situated at 11 – 15, Vladimiros Kafkarides St., Aglandjia.
Please note that the play is not suitable for people aged under 16.