30 March 2012 12:41

Saturday, March 31
Theatro Transcendental will present the play ‘Here is What I know About Humans by Lulu the dog’ on Saturday, March 31. The play is in English.
As we enter Lulu’s world, we see ourselves through her eyes, the eyes of a creature who sees humans as we might see divinities, who lives in awe of our species, wanting nothing more than the company of her own ‘perfect’ human. But what aspects of our humanity are Lulu’s innocent eyes blind to?
The performance features original music by Angeliki Kouali.
Entrance to the play is free although it is being shown within the Mind, Body & Spirit Exhibition which has an €8 entrance fee. Donations will be welcome to help the company take two of their productions to this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
The performance will be taking place at the Kanika Pantheon Hotel at 8pm.