27 April 2012 10:42

Friday, April 27
A Greek-language theatrical monologue by Linos Ioannidis premieres at the Artos Foundation at 9pm on Friday, April 27.
According to Ioannidis: “My new name is about the quest of the modern sidelined human who has lost every secure point of existence. The immigrant who is also a part of our own personal despair, our own image and reality, is the anonymous stateless person who is agonizingly experiencing the lack of belonging and personal identity.”
Directed by Despina Gkatziou, the work is performed by Anthi Antoniadou and features set design/ water installation by Achilleas Kentonis and Maria Papacharalambous, costume design Mariza Bargilly and light design by Giorgos Lazoglou.
There will also be a performance tomorrow, Saturday, on Sunday and on Monday, April 28, 29 and 30. Tickets are priced at €12. .
The Artos Foundation is situated at 64, Ay. Omoloyiton Ave., Ay. Omoloyites.