25 January 2012 10:37

Draught bar and grill house in Limassol seems to be on everyone’s list of favourite eateries

By Nicole Zeniou

Draught’s unrivalled combination of food and atmosphere is what makes it one of the busiest restaurants in town. Draught Microbrewery, the only microbrewery restaurant-bar in Cyprus, is the perfect place to enjoy good food and great music. Located at Lanitis Carobmill complex, next to the Mediaeval Castle, the multi-faceted atmospheric ambiance attracts a wide array of clientele.

Old stone walls and high ceilings give away this bar’s original incarnation. Built across from the Mediaeval Castle it still maintains its quaint aesthetic featuring, as part of the décor, a modern smart wood-panelled floor and a combination of high stools and tables at the bar area with indoor and outdoor seating options.

During last week’s visit Draught was packed with well-heeled locals - many of them groups of friends relishing the chance to try the new Oven Baked Portobello Mushrooms stuffed with mozzarella cheese. Many of the dishes, especially starters, are elaborately constructed and offer a range of cuisines including dishes influenced from Mexico, Germany, the U.S. and Greece. The rich and varied menu also includes burgers, steaks, delicious salads, and kebabs.

For our main dish we shared the generous portion of Chicken fajitas that came sizzling with marinated strips of chicken, artfully surrounded by sauté onions and peppers, accompanied by salad and a range of dips.

For dessert-lovers, like me, you cannot go wrong with the sweet-tasting carrot cake accompanied by yoghurt ice cream and balsamic chocolate sauce which is guaranteed to leave your taste-buds satisfied.

In addition to the excellent selection of food Draught offers impeccable house brewed beer as well as various other popular brands of beer which you can enjoy with your food within or sitting in the outdoor seating area by the Mediaeval Castle.

Open for lunch and dinner daily, it’s a place you can easily unwind listening to music selections by DJ Alex. And as Draught is always packed, and as a word of warning for those of you who haven’t already been there, make a reservation beforehand, especially on the weekends.

As a bar and restaurant, Draught has a pleasantly lived-in feel, and is definitely worth a visit, being easily one of those places that after your first few visits will turn into a going out regular. It’s is also a perfect place for a business lunch or as a venue for a party celebration. Live music every Monday night.

Lanitis 'Carob Mill' Complex, Vasilissis Street, Limassol, Tel. .