16 March 2012 09:31

Steaks and so much more

By Barbara Panayidou

I have a confession to make: I don’t eat meat, and when a friend called to invite us to a dinner at this place, I was hesitant to say the least. I mean, ‘Butcher’s Grill’ – the name just says it all really, doesn’t it? But my friend was keen to try their steaks, having heard that they’re worth a visit, and I figured there was bound to be a fish option (yes, that’s right, I’m a vegetarian who eats fish, or a pescatarian, if we’re being pedantic), so I put on a brave face as we made our way to the junction at ‘Starbucks-Sfinakia-old Arab Bank-even older Gavrielides’ lights.
As members of our party were arriving from different areas of Nicosia – Engomi, Pallouriotissa, Strovolos, Tseri and Lakatamia – it has to be said that the location simply couldn’t be more convenient. Right in the centre of town, this steak house offers the advantage of convenience when planning a night out, given how easy it is to describe where it is.
We made our way to our booth, and noted the fact that every single table (both inside and outside in the smokers’ area) was full. Granted, it was a Saturday night, but it was fairly early and we had been debating whether the icy rain that had been falling all day would have deterred other diners. In the event, it was obvious that the restaurant’s reputation for great value and high quality steaks was a strong draw.
As a party of eight, we decided to share some starters, and the waiter was incredibly friendly and helpful as she explained that the steaks come with their own side dishes, so we shouldn’t order too much. We chose stuffed mushrooms and rocket salad as appetizers, followed by a selection of steaks – rib eye, fillet and sirloin – as well as the salmon. Apart from an over-abundance of cheesy, garlicky sauce and some slightly soggy vegetables, everyone was satisfied, especially when the bill arrived.
Although packed, the high ceilings and plush furnishings cushioned the background noise, and we found that we could chat easily while still being able to hear the music. The ambience was just right: not too ‘designed’, not too stuffy, not too fast-foody, perfect for a group of adults looking for a nice place to eat at the weekend.
While it seems to have been a less than auspicious choice of location for a number of other eating establishments, I can only hope that Butcher’s Grill manages to stay put.

Why should I go?
It’s got great steak, a nice atmosphere and it’s in the centre of town.

Who will I meet?
You won’t be there to see and be seen; you’re going for the food.

What should I wear?
It’s not fancy, so wear whatever you want. In the evenings, you might want to spruce up a bit though.

How much will I pay?
Starter, main, dessert and wine: around €25 per person.

Extra tip: If you’re in town around lunchtime, try the buffet for €12.95, and you won’t be disappointed.

Address: 1 Griva Digenis Avenue, Nicosia