23 May 2012 16:27

An ideal spot for special occasions

If there’s one thing that characterises the four Navarino Group restaurants in Nicosia, it is their impeccable sense of style. They have opted against revamping their interiors into the modern edgy décor we often see in new eateries preferring instead to maintain the ‘old classical style’ that were characteristic of high quality dining inns and bars of previous decades, and that is also part of their charm and what makes them ideal for family and friends gatherings.
We recently went to Prosilio bar restaurant in Nicosia, located at the end of the Cyprus International Fair road in Engomi, for an engagement party of close friends. I must admit I hadn’t been there before, although I had heard of Prosilio as it is well known in the area as not only a restaurant serving daily buffet, but also for hosting events and special occasions or in house banquets such as weddings and christenings.
Arriving at Prosilio, you are immediately impressed by its overall appearance, and can easily understand why it is so popular for hosting important occasions. The engagement party was taking place on the first floor in a finely decorated spacious dining area with tables evenly spaced and dressed in white, live music and dim lighting. A buffet area was at the far end with a rich choice of what proved tasty, well-prepared food. The buffet menu included the traditional souvla and generous salad choices along with more gourmet dishes such as the spinach cream pasta which we especially liked.
With our meal we had chilled white wine but there were also a host of other choices at the bar, the Navarino Group restaurants are famed for their well chosen drinks list.
Desserts were are as indulgent as they are tasty, cut in small cubes, there were chocolate cakes, lemon cream cake and a heavenly strawberry cheesecake while there was also the option of a fruit salad as a healthier, lighter option, an excellent choice that rounded off a fabulous meal.
Service was friendly and efficient at the same time, and waiters seemed very organised. Most people were pleased with the good food as you don’t always expect good quality food at weddings or engagement parties. That’s why I won’t wait until the I’m invited to another social occasion being hosted at Prosilio before I visit again.

Why should I go?
For well-prepared, plentiful buffet
Who will I meet?
All sorts of people, professionals, couples, families
What should I wear?
Dress smart casual depending on the occasion
How much will I pay?
Pay around €20 each
Extra info
Get a taste of Prosilio’s rich buffet for just €8.88 Monday to Thursday applies to lunch and dinner

By Nicole Zeniou