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    Famagusta memorial
    15 August 2012 10:13
     FAMAGUSTA - Thirty-right years after the town of Famagusta fell to invading Turkish forces, a memorial event was held to honour those killed. The vent took place in the Famagusta Cultural Centre in Dherynia.
    Town mayor Alexis Galanos laid a wreath. Much of teh town remains fenced off...
    Man missing
    15 August 2012 10:12
    DHEKELIA - Bases police are appealing for help in finding a man who has been missing since July 27. They say Panayiotis Ioannou, 37, from Ormidhia village, is of strong build and is 1.70m tall with short curly hair. If you have any information that could help in locating him, please contact...
    Fire accusations
    15 August 2012 10:11
     LIMASSOL - Three Turkish Cypriots appeared before Limassol court Tuesday and wer remanded in custody for eight days with regard to a fire in the area at the weekend.
    The three were arrested after allegedly accidentally starting the blaze at Ayios Silas when they were burning copper...
    Plane anniversary
    15 August 2012 10:11
     NICOSIA - Tuesday marks the seventh anniversary of the crash of the Helios Boeing 737 in Greece that claimed 121 lives.
    A service will be held at Ayios Marcos Church in Paralmini with a memorial to be held in the afternoon at Panagia Eleftherotrias Mosfiloti during the Divine Liturgy...
    Rape case custody
    15 August 2012 10:11
    LARNACA - Larnaca District Court today decided a man accused of the rape of a 10-year-old boy should remain in custody until his trial in October..
    He appeared in court last Friday and his lawyer objected to a prosecution request that the 37-year-old remain in custody until his trial. The...
    Tourist dies
    14 August 2012 12:28
     PAPHOS – A 42-year-old Russian tourist drowned Monday morning while swimming in the sea off the Tombs of the Kings area in Paphos.
    He had just arrived Sunday with his wife and 11-year-old child.
    Other tourists brought him unconscious to the shore but could not revive him.
    Blaze arrest
    14 August 2012 10:40
     LARNACA - A farmer has been remanded for three days accused of negligently starting the fire that destroyed 12 dounms of land in the Skarinou and Kato Drys areas.
    The 57-year-old from Alaminos has orchards in the area and Larnaca court heard that there were four seats of fire on one...
    Fire rescue
    14 August 2012 10:40
     LARNACA - An 85-year-old man is seriously ill in hospital after a blaze in his flat.
    Polcie called teh firs service at around 3.15amd whenthey spotted flames inthe flat.
    Firemen broke into the flat and found him on his bed.

    House raid
    14 August 2012 10:39
     PAPHOS - Jewellery worth a total of €100,000 has been stolen from a house in Paphos.
    Police say that the house owner reported the theft have taken place between 5.30pm on Saturday and 11am Sunday.
    Also a 72-year-old Paphos resident has reported that at 10pm Sunday his house was...
    Fire alert
    14 August 2012 10:39
    LARNACA - The village of Kato Drys, Larnaca district was saved from the flames of an out of control blaze after water was dropped from planes and helicopters
    Skarinou,residents were removed from their homes but the blaze was later brought under control and everyone was able to...
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