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    19 August 2012 14:40
    BEIRUT - Syrian President Bashar al-Assad performed Eid prayers in a Damascus mosque on Sunday, state television showed, his first appearance in public since a stunning July bombing in the capital that killed four of his top security officials.
    Assad, battling a 17-month-old uprising...
    19 August 2012 12:08
    KHARTOUM - Up to 31 people including at least one Sudanese minister were killed when a plane taking them to an Islamic festival crashed in the south of the country, an official and state media said on Sunday.

    The plane went down into mountains around Talodi, a town in the border...
    19 August 2012 10:48
    TRIPOLI - At least two people were killed when three car bombs exploded near interior ministry and security buildings in the Libyan capital on Sunday, the first lethal attack of its kind since Muammar Gaddafi's fall last year, security sources said.

    Ambulances and firefighters rushed...
    Limbless swimmer feat
    19 August 2012 10:40
    ANCHORAGE - A French swimmer who lacks legs and arms has successfully swum the frigid waters separating Alaska and Russia with the aid of paddle-like prosthetics, expedition representatives said Saturday.

    Philippe Croizon, whose limbs were amputated after a 1994 electrical accident...
    Japan, China dispute deepens
    19 August 2012 10:31

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    * Island row frays ties long plagued by history, rivalry

    * Chinese protest in Guangzhou after Japanese land on isles
    EAST CHINA SEA,- Several Japanese nationalists landed on Sunday on a rocky island in the East China Sea at the heart of...
    No Grexit
    19 August 2012 12:31
    VIENNA — Luxembourg's prime minister says Greece won't leave the 17-nation eurozone — arguing that an exit wouldn't be politically feasible and would carry unforeseeable risks.
    Greece has been kept afloat by international loans but fallen behind on implementing reforms and austerity measures...
    Afghan bomb kills 4
    18 August 2012 12:16
    KABUL— A bomb in a busy Afghan market killed four people on Saturday in the western province of Herat, an official said, the latest attack targeting civilians in the decade-long war.

    The early morning explosion also wounded 12 people, including three policemen who were on patrol in...
    Pussy riot verdict protests
    18 August 2012 12:08
    BRUSSELS - European nations and the United States, as well as some celebrities, have voiced sharp criticism of Russia  over jail sentences handed to three members of the punk band Pussy Riot who protested against President Vladimir Putin in a church.

    Catherine Ashton, the...
    New envoy for Syria
    18 August 2012 23:07
    UNITED NATIONS  — Former Algerian foreign minister and longtime U.N. diplomat Lakhdar Brahimi, known as a strong-willed, independent broker, has agreed to replace former Secretary-General Kofi Annan as peace envoy to Syria.

    Brahimi, who served as a U.N. envoy in Afghanistan and...
    Afghan cop kills soldiers
    17 August 2012 13:27
     KABUL — A newly recruited Afghan village policeman opened fire on his American allies on Friday, killing two U.S. service members minutes after they gave him a new weapon as a present. It was the latest in a disturbing string of attacks by Afghan security forces on the international troops...
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