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    30 miners died in shootings
    17 August 2012 10:00
     JOHANNESBURG — South African police officers killed more than 30 striking workers at a Lonmin PLC platinum mine who charged a line of officers trying to disperse them, authorities said Friday.

    The shooting Thursday is one of the worst in South Africa since the end of the...
    Thousands flee Indian city
    16 August 2012 19:52
     BANGALORE (Reuters) - Thousands of people from India's northeast fled from the southern city of Bangalore on Thursday as fear grew of a backlash over violence against Muslims in the state of Assam and neighbouring Myanmar.

    Over the weekend, two people were killed and 55 wounded...
    Pussy riot goes global
    15 August 2012 10:59
     MOSCOW — The global campaign to free Pussy Riot is gaining speed: Supporters of the punk provocateur band mobilize this week in at least a two dozen cities worldwide to hold simultaneous demonstrations an hour before a Russian court rules on whether its members will be sent to prison.
    Court backs cigs law
    15 August 2012 10:56
     CANBERRA, - Australia called on the rest of the world to match its tough new anti-tobacco marketing laws after its highest court on Wednesday dismissed a challenge from international cigarette companies in a major test case.

    Tobacco giants British American Tobacco, Britain's...
    Iran accepts quake help
    14 August 2012 11:57
     TEHRAN— In an apparent change of heart, Iran says foreign aid is now welcome for those affected by twin earthquakes that struck the country's northwest last weekend.

    The state IRNA news agency Tuesday quoted Vice-President Mohammad Reza Rahimi as saying that Iran is ready to...
    Dozens riot in Amiens
    14 August 2012 11:54
     PARIS — Dozens of young men rioted in a troubled district in northern France, pulling drivers from their cars and stealing the vehicles, and burning a school and a youth center. The police department in Amiens says at least 16 officers were hurt by the time the riot ended Tuesday, some by...
    Three die in Texas shooting
    14 August 2012 09:43
    COLLEGE STATION — A deadly shootout erupted Monday near the Texas A&M University campus when a man being brought an eviction notice opened fire on a Texas law enforcement officer, leaving three people dead, including the officer and the gunman.

    Police say Thomas Alton Caffall,...
    Runway stroll for man
    13 August 2012 16:18
     NEW YORK — A man walked undetected across two runways and into a terminal at a busy New York City airport after becoming stranded on a personal watercraft in a nearby bay.

    The New York Post reports that the 31-year-old swam to shore and then walked past motion sensors and...
    Kangaroo hops it
    13 August 2012 16:16
     BERLIN — A kangaroo is on the lam in Germany after breaking out of a wildlife park, with a fox and a wild boar his suspected accomplices.

    Michael Hoffmann, assistant head of the Hochwildschutzpark Hunsrueck west of Frankfurt, said Monday the male kangaroo was one of three that...
    Brevik response criticised
    13 August 2012 16:14
     OSLO - Norwegian authorities could have prevented or interrupted the bomb and gun attacks by a far-right fanatic that killed 77 people last year, a government appointed commission said Monday.

    The long-awaited report into the July 22 attacks also said the domestic intelligence...
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